MCOM1 i75 Flyaway Kit

ASE Bearcat MCOM1 i75 fly away kit with ASE-9575-HQ-DOD ASE-MCOM1-9575A

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 The MCOM1 i75 is a compact, ruggedized Fly Away kit. Our case is designed around Iridium docking stations manufactured by ASE. 


MJ Sales Flyway Kit P/N MCOM1 i75

ASE Dock P/N ASE-9575-HQ-DOD / ASE-MCOM1=9575A

ASE Intelligent Handset P/N ASE-HA87-02

Helix antenna with magnetic base


ASE 9575A Bearcat Docking Station

MCOM1 i75 Iridium Flyaway Kit Go Kit


The ASE Bearcat DOD docking station designed around the General Dynamics DOD security module ISM2 and Iridium 9575A satellite telephone.

  • Supports Iridium 9575A Handheld Satphone
  • Easy office integration with the POTS system (additional equipment required)
  • Compatible with the Iridium Security Module ISM2
  • Wide range input power 10-32VDC
  • Secure sleeve docking cradle with POTS support
  • ac/dc adapter
  • dc cigarette power cable

**The Iridium 9575A is not included in price.

ASE DOD 9575A Dockingb station

Iridium Flyaway Kit ASE Bearcat Dock 9575A

 Solar panel for satphone MCOM1 i75 Iridium flyaway kits

Nato plug power cable

MJ Sales Go Kits

8Ah and 26Ah 'Ultra Flat' LiFeP04 batteries for the MCOM1 i75 Fly away kit

MJ Sales ultra flat LiFeP04 12V batteries