Thales MissionLINK Fly Away Kit

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Coming soon: The MCOM1 M fly away kit for the Thales MissionLINK

Protect your expensive investment form the user!

Tactical Operation Center Thales MissionLINK hard case

• Built-in battery provides up to 40 hours
standby/16 hours voice
• Multiple power options
• Internet speeds up to 700 Kbps
• 100% global coverage, including the poles
• No user interaction after turning on
• Establishes WiFi hotspot automatically
• Functions stationary or on the go
• Ruggedized Pelican case
• External connections: RJ-45; RJ-14; WAN; power
• May be plugged into vehicle 12V power outlet
• Operational temperature range between -22˚
to 131˚F / -30˚ to 55˚C
• Full IP compatibility – Internet, SMTP email,
FTP, and VPN

Thales MissionLINK


A. Deployable antenna & mount-compatible
B. MissionLink BDU
C. Intelligent power management & versatility
(Solar, internal battery,& external
D. Internal storage
E. Integrated connectors & display
(Voice, Data, Power, & Antenna)
F. Modular design for portability
G. DoD/NATO-compatible battery terminal

H. The ASE -MIL-TOCBOX includes a NATO plug power cable
I. Ruggedized compact case w/ wheels &



• Thales SureLink Handset
• IP Phones
• Speaker
• Foldable Solar Array (60w & 125W)
• Integrated Battery: 8 ah/20ah/40ah
• Flat antenna mount and brackets


• Weight: 52 lbs. (standard configuration)
• Dimensions: 24.64” x 19.39” x 13.78”

** Price does not include the Thales MissionLINK Certus Iridium system. 

 Tactical Operation center ASE Thales Iridium Certus